Frequently Asked Questions

1. So, how does this work? How do you buy Etcetera clothing?

Etcetera is not sold in stores and is only available for purchase through a Consultant. You can shop in one of two ways: In person, at the quarterly, week-long trunk shows or on-line from the comfort of your home. If you prefer to shop in person so that you can try on the samples and actually see the items before making your selections, then you will set an appointment during trunk show week. With no permanent storefront, I utilize my home and set up the 200 - 250 pieces of the Collection for the week-long show which takes place each quarter.

2. What types of clothing do you carry?

Dresses, suits, jackets, pants, sweaters, skirts, body wear, blouses, coats, vests, casual tops, shorts, capris...almost everything! We offer belts and scarves to coordinate with the Collection. There is also a line of jewelry custom made to coordinate with the Collection.

3. I'm not as young as the models in the brochure - will there be something age appropriate for me?

Absolutely! We have over 200 different pieces in each trunk show with a variety of styles to suit many ages, body types and personal tastes. Etcetera has something for women in every season of life - from their 20's to their 80's! My clients include women from every decade of life!

4. Will I be limited to buying from the existing stock the Consultant has on hand?

No. The Collection is viewed as a sample set with all 200 - 250+ sample items available to be ordered to your specific size.

5. Can I buy the sample you have displayed?

Sorry, but no. Because this is a Trunk Show, the sample set will continue to be shown throughout the country during the season. With over 700 representatives nationwide, the sample sets are constantly in use. The samples are just that - samples to use as a basis for ordering your specific size.

6. What sizes do you carry?

Sizes 0 – 16 for blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets. Sweaters, foundation pieces and casual tops in sizes XS - XL. We also have many pants available in a 34" inseam – sizes 00-16.

7. How do I know what size I wear in the Etcetera brand?

I am knowledgeable in how to accurately fit different body types and can help you ascertain your proper size in your initial appointment. There are pieces available in all sizes in the various types of clothing (i.e. jackets, pants, etc) to try on for fit comparisons.

8. Some of the dresses and skirts look so short in the brochure/catalog/online - are they really that short?

No, our models are just really that tall! Most of the skirts and dresses run just at or above the knee.

9. Can I bring something out of my closet to match with a new piece?

Of course! I encourage clients to bring in prior Etcetera purchases, shoes, or just any favorite item they may have that they would like to freshen up with a new coordinating piece. In fact, I can send you an email prior to the show with suggestions from the current Collection that would work with your prior season's purchases.

10. What kind of payments do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, and cash.

11. I really wish I had ordered the jacket that coordinates with my pants and sweater? Can I still order it even though the trunk show is over?

Yes. Additions can be made to any order at any time during the six month selling season (Spring and Summer shows constitute one six month selling season, while Fall and Holiday are another).

12. How will I receive my order?

I will personally deliver it to you unless you prefer to have it dropped ship directly to your home address. In stock items usually arrive within 10 - 14 days. I will email you once your order ships to let you know which day it will arrive. If you prefer delivery, I will have it to you within 1 - 2 days after I receive it.

13. What does a backorder mean?

A backorder means additional units are in the manufacturing process and you will definitely receive the item on or before the backorder date.

14. What does a waitlist mean?

A waitlist means all available inventory has been sold and your name has been placed on a waitlist for the desired item. As returns are processed, these waitlists often clear and the item is shipped.

15. I'll feel uncomfortable if I attend and do not make a purchase. Should I just not attend?

Please attend – there is never any pressure for you to make a purchase! I encourage you to browse, touch, feel and try on pieces just for fun. Sometimes we all just like to do a little window shopping for future reference, sometimes we are just not in the shopping mood and nothing strikes us, sometimes we would love to buy but are currently not spending for whatever reason. I thoroughly encourage you to still come by to scout out the latest trends and colors so that when you are ready to purchase, you'll have a better idea of what's available.

16. Do I have to make an appointment?

While I have limited open house hours, setting an appointment ensures you will have the best possible atmosphere in which to shop. In order to accommodate everyone’s hectic schedules, I accept appoints from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during show week. As personalized service is part of the Etcetera experience, I try not to book too many clients in the same general time frame in order to adequately provide you with the best experience possible. This also keeps you from wasting your valuable time due to an overcrowded showroom.

17.How long will my appointment take?

Usually about an hour.

18. Can I bring a friend?

Sure! As a thank you, I offer a referral incentive* if you refer someone who becomes a client. *Refer a new client who makes a purchase and receive a $50 gift certificate.

19. Can I return or exchange something if I change my mind or it doesn't fit?

Yes, as long as the return/exchange policy guidelines are met.

20. What is the return policy?

All returned items must be back in the warehouse within 30 days of shipment from the warehouse. As a good rule of thumb, if you return the item to me within one week of the delivery to you, I will have adequate time to process the return and ship it back to the warehouse in New York. Items returned to the warehouse after the 30 days have elapsed are subject to a restocking fee. All returns and exchanges must be new and never worn.

21. How is a Trunk Show different from a Home Party?

Etcetera is a true trunk show with a much larger sample set than a home party event. The Collection is only shown through the Consultant for one week of each quarter. Clients simply book their appointments to view the Collection during the week long trunk show to make their selections and place their orders from the entire Collection. Clients can book their appointment with a friend or make their selections privately according to their individual preferences and time constraints. From time-to-time, I will also host a drop in with cocktails so you can shop with girlfriends in a party-like atmosphere.

22. Will I be asked to host a party?

It is never shown via a party in a client's home nor are clients ever asked to host a party in their home.

23. Do you ever have a sale?

Very rarely. Etcetera sets the pricing structure for all the pieces. From time-to-time I will do a special where everything of a particular color is 10% off during the Show.

24. Where is Etcetera designed?

Etcetera is based in New York City and has been in business since 2000. We are a sister company to Carlisle, but with a lower price point and geared towards a more casual lifestyle.

25. I don't think I have the time to be a Consultant - is there any other way to be involved?

Yes! I would love to sit down with you and share how you can be an Associate for me in my agency. It is a commission based income for a part-time position with clothing discounts. Just ask me how!